Problems with Matrix

Hi, I don’t know why but I have video frame problems at minute 00:03:10 when Trinity walked in the walls, at the beginning of the movie. I did it three times all with the exact same problem. I finally compress the film with CloneDVD2 and everything went fine.
Anybody with the same problem?

check for scratches, fingerprints, dust, etc first.

Yep, I did it.
Anyway, I did it with 3 different Matrix dvds but the same problem appeared at the same scene.

I had that problem, too. It happens when the movie reaches a time point where you can insert extra scenes if “White Rabbit Mode” is activated. You are reporting probs at the first such point.
D2O seems to have problems here if in “movie only” mode. Using the full disk mode did the trick for me.


Ohhh, I see… so, the ‘white rabbit mode’ was the problem. Yes, I tried to copy the dvd in ‘movie only’ mode, not ‘full disk’ because of the image quality.
Thank you Mike for your help !!!