Problems with making a workable copy of my original CD

That my original frozen throne cd had few scratches didnt matter for the fast cd-rom. With a new PC now im with a dvd-rom, not cd- . Better maybe, yes, but unlike the cd-rom after few months it made a line from the inner ring of my CD to the end. And the line cut by the laser was getting bigger every time. Now the CD is barely readable. So let’s say that after 5 mins of reading the CD manages to work. I went through nero and tried alcohol 120% as i thought this prog would make something diff - well in the same way it didnt create an image of cd that can be read as original and couldnt start the game (pls insert the cd in the cd-rom . message). I used the datatype Securom 1/4/5/ (smth like that) as im not sure what version my war3 is but i think this is the datatype. Well, no result in making a workable CD.

If someone has made it work, could you pls tell me the way to do it?

Welcome programm,

how to create a backup of frozen throne has been discussed already here. You’ll find many threads using the keywords [I]frozen throne[/I] via our search function. For example here if there’s still a problem post it here and you’ll get help.