Problems with making a BWA



Hi, I’m trying to burn Star Wars: Republic Commando and it has Securrom 5 so I tried making a BWA file using Blindwrite 4.5.7 at 4x speed and it gave me a quality of 0%. The drive I was using is a NEC DVD-RW ND-2510A. Is it because of the drive? I also have a plextor premium but i heard that that is also bad at making BWA, is that true? How is it on making a MDS and converting to BWA?


I’ve not had any problems using my premium to make BWA files. Have you tried the standalone BWA builder, it has a self cleaner which will claen the BWA up for use.


It’s been awhile since I’ve made backups, but the last ones of Securom I did were 4.8, and I have never seemed to be able to make a good BWA with Blindwrite. I use Alcohol to make an MDS file, which you can start making an image, and then stop it as soon as it’s made towards the beginning of the process, and then use the BWA converter to convert from MDS to BWA. Then use Blindwrite to burn then image. I was using a combination of 4.2.9 and 4.2.5. I think the BWA Builder from 4.2.9 maybe, and the 4.2.5 program or the other way around.