Problems with LX3600D/69

All of a sudden my player stopped playing a few of my original DVDs. The behavior is very erratic. If I keep opening and closing the tray, at times a few of these DVDs do play but only upto a certain point and then skip 3-4 chapters as if its not able to read them. All of these are brand new DVDs and they all play well on other players.

Most of the stalling happens at the menu, after i select any option from the menu, the player stops responding. Surprisingly, a few old DVDs (again original) do play very smoothly on the same player. In fact one DVD skipped a few chapters altogether, but when it started playing somewhere in between and after that I rewinded it to the first chapter, it played all the skipped chapters pretty well !

What can be the issue here ? Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi, I am facing similar problems in my LX3600D recently. I am also looking for some help in this matter.

I have called the technician as even the DVD cleaner didnt do its job properly