Problems with lvw-5045

Hello all, Does anyone know if there is any way i can mend or retrieve video data, after getting a disc error on this machine, or is it lost forever.

1st I hope the thread starter doesn’t mind me jumping in here as I also have a problem with my 5045 also :slight_smile:

My problem is I have been recording boxing over the past year as well as sticking on home clips of my two sons at birthdays days out etc and when I hit browse last night to edit or remove unwanted programs etc it turns out pages 1 to 9 on my display ( where it shows little thumbnails ) have all went black. The last couple of days worth I can access etc but these blacked out thumbnails of previous recordings when I try to view or edit my player freezes and I need to re-boot.

I hope some of the technical experts on here can shed some light on what the problem may be or indeed if I can do anything to get access back.

Its really annoying as I have loads of footage of my kids on there and one from birth as I wanted to create a video diary each year.

I have had the machine for about a year and up until a couple of days bar the odd freeze it has worked fine.

Any help advice would be extremely appreciated. :sad:


I assume you are talking about data on the HD, some people have said they got Liteon to pull the data from the HD; but I would not count on it. check with people who know much more the me about retriving data from a hard drive.

There are data recovery experts - look in the yellow pages under computer. They are not cheap!