Problems with lvw 5006

I have had the LVW 5006 siince April with no major problems till the past few days.
The device dose not play back most of the DVDs that I have created with this device. I get disc fail error.
Also, about 99 % of the finalized recordings that I just made the past few days don’t play back. The brands are from the recommended list.
I even tried to create VCD using this unit but even after finalizing the CD, the CD is still blank.
I have no problem playing the DVDs on other DVD players, laptops or even playstaion.
The unit still plays some DVDs but not all. Sometimes, I have to re insert the DVD several times for it to play. Sometimes the DVD plays fine and then, I get a disc failure the next time I try to play it.
Again, these discs play fine on other DVD players so they are not scratched or dirty.
Any suggestions on what to do? I have updated the latest firmware.


sounds like it is time to replace the drive or RMA the unit

I hate to do the RMA. I emailed their tech support about the problem and will see what they say. Their offices are about 20 minutes from where I live, so maybe I will just throw it through the window or something…(-:

don’t give up I RMA 5 time prior to replacing the drive now all is great

Thanks. Well they replied back to me and asked me to return it to the place I purchased it from. I told them that I can’t do that after 9 months. I asked them to do an RMA. Will wait and see what they say.