Problems with LTR-52246s


First post:bigsmile:

Well, i have a ltr52246s and i´m having some problems while burning cdrs.

The drive haves probs during lead in and lead out.

When it starts recording the cdr is spining during a long period and then nero blocks and i have to shut down the system(burn a lot cdrs with this situation…) when i´m lucky it burns the cdr and in the end the lead out takes a long time.

I tried with different type of media(imation,platinum,tdk,silver circle,sky,…).

And the cdrs that i burn a lot of them are with errors…

I have 2 hard drives one master and other slave, in the the other channel i have 52246s master and dvdrom slave, dont think thats the prob cause its the first time that i´m having this situation…

Is my liteon dead?

Thanks for any reply!

Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

What version of the firmware do you have? You should probably update to the latest version, which you can get here.

If that doesn’t help, your drive is probably dead. :frowning: I would suggest that you try different media, but it sounds like you have already tried that.