Problems with ltr 40125s zs0g and Mt. rainer

Downloaded Write-cdrw from softarch.

so far everything works fine… can format CD, can eject, can read…
But as far as I make the first write-access to the CD MRW, i have 100 % CPU-Usage, and this stays until the next reboot. No Matter if i continue writing on the RW or if i eject it. Anyone else have a similar problem?

And i can’t get ReadCDMRW working. downloaded ver 1.0, installed it, but after restart, i still cannot read the CDMRW in my normal CDrom-drives (PX 40TSi and Toshiba 1502…)

What might be interessting:
running win98se on a Athlon TB 1,4 GHz, on a epox mainboard with AMD 760 Northbridge and 686 Southbridge, Highpoint raid onboard…
Toshiba connected as primary Master on Via, Liteon as Secondary Master (Via) and Hard-drives on the Highpoint raid. Newest Via Ide-Drivers installed…


I can’t confirm the CPU 100% usage but I will check that out but I can confirm that I also have this problem that I can’t get ReadCDMRW working. I downloaded the write software (Write CD-RW) and it worked but would not let me read the data in my DVD or other bunrer, a Plextor 24x. I then installed the read software but I still cannot read the CDMRW in my DVD or other CDRW.

I then wrote tech support and finally called them. They told me that they would think about it and let me know. Obviously, it is not a problem that just related to my Mt. Rainier software.

Anyone have this software work as advertised?:confused:

…or maybe mt.rainier do not work properly with this drive yet?

Have you thought about that there may be a reason why this firmware version is not official released yet!?

Yes of course, it is like beta firmware (if there were such a thing) but this clearly seems a software problem with WriteCD-RW and the read companion. I can’t see how that relates to the firmware because Mt. Rainier does what it is supposed to except the disks are not readible in other old (non-Mt. Rainier) drives. It is the same thing that used to be with the older packet writing software until the UDF reader got fixed. P-CAV works great and so does all my old stuff with it.:slight_smile: