Problems with LTR-32123S

hey guys! i have two different problems and I hope you can help me to solve them!
1)sometimes I can’t close the CD tray anymore after burning with clone cd beta 30!
2)after starting my system the cd tray won’t open and the system freezes when i want to start a game or an application on a cd!
in some cases it’S possible to eject the cd and then put it back into the drive. in this case everything works fine as usual!
and it seems to me that my LTR-32123s needs about 20 or 30 seconds to recognize the cd! what’S wrong? please help me!
I got the firmware version xs0r and the latest aspi drivers of adaptec!

do you need anything else to know?

thanks in advance,

Can you close the tray by force (push it a little)?
Otherwise it sounds as if you got a faulty drive to me.
Did it work before or…?

Well, it doesn’t work if i push the tray!
when i push it it’s like it is out of power! so i can push the tray but it will remain at that point i pushed it!
However, I didn’t had this problem before! is it possible that the firmware flshing went bad or that i have just a failure in win98 ?
despite this crappy problem the drive works fine…no coasters yet!

hope you can help me guys!

thanks so far airhead!

How do I solve problems with my Liteonit CDRW drive?
It has been reported that it is not possible to upgrade the firmware of some 12 and 24 speed CD writers produced by a company called LiteOnIt. One user reports that this is due to problems when using the Highpoint controller. The solution is to ensure the CDRW is only connected to the VIA IDE controller and that the Windows boot disk is also connected to the VIA controller. If you normally boot from the Highpoint controller you will need to temporarily move the disk to the VIA IDE controller whilst performing the firmware update (although this is not possible if you use RAID). Otherwise, the solution is to perform the update on a different machine. Note that if the flashing fails you can jumper the CDRW to “LiteOn BOOT” and then the BIOS finds it and you can flash the CDRW to an old Firmware (LS17 is probably the last DOS Firmware updater) from DOS - see here.

Other problems with LiteOn drives, such as random ejects, are usually due to an insufficient power supply. Upgrade to at least 350W! Note however that LiteOnIt have released a firmware update with the following description: “Solve the issue that part of CD-RW drives will always tray-eject after power on the PC with certain brands of motherboards due to its power supply is not 0 volt when power-off”

Which MOBO are you using Photonic?

I had the same problem (part 2 of your description) with an abit KT7A until I upgraded the mobo bIOS…
Also I bought an ANTEC power supply 350 Watts (for P-IV) those PSU work wonderful with Athlon boards.


I have a mobo with via chipset and amd k6-500 on it!
the maibooard seems to be a noname one.
i forgot the name! it was a gift of an old friend!