Problems with Ltd163D Dvd drive

I have a couple of questions in the nero forum regarding the cd speed tests but I wonder if its my drive that is at fault…basically it produces wild zig-zag graphs when I do the read speed tests, it starts off ok then rises to maybe 30x or so before dropping right down to 8x or thereabouts , it does this with pressed discs and cdr’s…the results always say P-CAV when the line zig-zags and CAV when it reads ok (not often). I have swapped IDE channels, flashed with the old ltd163 firmware, tried 100,s of discs,DMA is on …my liteon 32125s works ok with all the discs. One thing I have noticed is that in cd speed in the options where it says read speed my burner is always set at 40x max and 40x current (even with no disc in) whereas my ltd163 drive says 48x max and 0x current (after a test it says something like 32x max 16x current…it doesnt re-set to 48x unless I change it manually??? is it software or hardware? any ideas are welcomed as I am not getting much response from the other forum…cheers all!!..dave

You may have got a drive that is less than perfect?

And yes it will show the last used speeds (the drive tells the programs what speeds it is and this changes due to media and last used speed).