Problems With LiteOn SHM-165H6S

I’m having problems reading commercial DVD’s on this drive. Most just make my system hang until i open the tray again. When I put a DVD in it’ll start reading and then the drive light will just flicker quickly and DVD Cloner III will hang till i open the tray and powerdvd will do the same. What could be wrong? Any help would greatly be appreciated.

W/ my unit, it worked great for the first two months almost. But now all of a sudden, while I’ve done nothing new or different or used any different programs or burned anything differently it has decided that it too does not want/cannot read some commercial dvd’s, including moves, and some game dvd’s…

It still burns nicely, both data and lightscribe, but the reading has gone kaput for a lot of dvd’s, not sure about cd’s though. So far, this has been my first ever lite-on optical drive, and may be my last.

Anybody have any ideas?

Well I’ve tried one idea posted by a fellow forum member, of clearing the upper and lower filters in the windows registry which they said worked for them (but with a slightly different lite-on dvdrw drive) It did not work for me. My drive still makes strange, low key clicking noises when I put in my Sims2 game DVD :P) which my NEC ND-3550A reads flawlessly.