Problems with Liteon LTD-163

hi everyone, i’m new here…Just have some questions about the Liteon LTD-163 16x dvdrom drive.

So far, it’s an incredible reader, really fast. However, I noticed two problems, (can’t confirm that they really problems)

  1. When using cdrwin to make disk images (bin/cue) off the same cd, i usually get different bin files!! I check with cdmage’s scan errors function, the differences can be attributed to corrupt sectors. Sometimes it will extract a perfect image with no corrupt sectors, sometimes it will have a few…then you reextract and no corrupt sectors…weird huh?

This occurs at Max speed…it hasn’t occured at 16X read speed. I’m using cdrwin 4.0a - feb 2002, unregistered, I just use cdrwin to make images.

  1. Does the liteon 16x dvdrom have problems reading audio CDRWs? It reads it like at 2.3X using nero cd speed. My liteon 40x burner reads the same audio CDRW at ~30X.
    I also tested with an audio cdrom (oasis-morning glory), and the liteon dvd read it fine at ~ 20X. Maybe it has problems just with audio cdrws?

Can anyone confirm my problems? I’m using the latest firmware, GH5K. Running on Intel P3-933, Asus CUSL2 system.

I´ve got exactly the same setup with liteon 40x burner and a ltd163d…i´ll try to reproduce your problem an dget back to you with some more info…and another question, tried to flash my ltd163 today, from GHR3, the one f/w that my drive came equipped with, to GH5K, but it just said that the drive was not supporting that f/w…my drive is manufactured in February 2002, as i said, its a ltd163D model…is that firmware supposed to work with my drive?

the liteon ltd-163 and ltd-163D are slightly different. They don’t use the same firmware. Your firmware GHR3 is the latest, check out