Problems with LiteOn burner, AnyDVD and Clone DVD



hello i’m the dewman i need help with my lite-on dvd burner can some one help me or send me in the proper place for the help i have clone and the any dvd program and all of a sudden i can’t write to disk after i put a movie in my pc. my lite-on is a dvdrw-shw-160p6s unit with (rev.psoa) firmware update i got in 06 is there another firmware update for my unit out that i don’t have?
need some feedback if you would please thanks and hello all hope to have good fun in this forum. thanks


Try writing to a DVD with another program with AnyDVD disabled. If that works post your problem in the AnyDVD forum. Some problems have been posted with AnyDVD but not with your particular drive that I have seen.


As for firmware you should go to liteon site and search for support there they should have the listing for the latest firmware for your burner. And as for help on your AnyDVD and CloneDVD it would be good to tell us what version your are currently running? And be sure to quote what the errors are that it shows to you-so we can at least see what the problem is.


The latest firmware is PSOC.