Problems with Liteon 812S and Ritek G04's

Ok…going to try and post this again.


I am a newbie to this forum but not to DVD Burning. I’ve been burning with my Pioneer A04 for a year now and decided to buy a second DVD Burner for my main PC.

To make a long story short (aka my first time trying to post and not being logged in…arrrgh). I bought a Liteon 812S. The first burner would not burn the Ritek G04’s at all at any speed. I e-mailed tech support and they told me to upgrade to the latest firmware (US0Q) and use the software that came with the burner (Record Now, i was using Nero 6). With Record Now, my cheapo Matrix 4x blanks worked fine, the G04’s still didn’t work.

Fed up, I returned the burner and got another one.

This time i tried it first with the stock firmware (US0F) and the Ritek’s worked flawlessly at 4x. So I decided to flash to the 832s and put the burner at 8x. The flash went great (OmniPatcher RULES!). When I burned the Riteks at 8x, the Liteon seemed to read the dvd fine. When I put it in my Phillips DVP642 standalone player, it played half of the DVD, got stuck and eventually locked up. So my question is:

  1. Is the DVD burner again defective cause it cant burn reliably at 8x or

  2. Is it possible my Philips DVP642 standalone player won’t play 8x speed burns?

I’ve been reading these forums and you guys are awesome at helping people out so I am hoping for some advice on this problem.

Thanks in advance

ritek go4 wont burn 100% reliable at 8x, try another at 4x

I was reading on other threads (I did a search on Ritek G04) and all kinds of people are burning at 8x with it.

Can you recommend any other 4x dvd blanks i should try that are known to burn reliably at 8x?

I am open to anything at this point.

Did you burn it at 8x using the G06 strat? Most of the posts I see with people burning G04 at 8x using the G06 strat.

May aswell make my first post useful :slight_smile:

as well or instead of trying the g06 writing strategy, check out the gigastorage gsc003 and burn at 8x

I’ve got a spindle of dud ritek g04’s here (inkjet printables (last batch i had were purple top g04 and were great)) so i’ve had plenty to waste playing the g04 game (a bit like russian roulette for discs)

Speaking of dud G04’s I unfortunately bought 25 of them, white printables. This is what happened.

As with jimmy d my last batch of G04’s were the purple tops which burned with a PI average of 7 and a PO average of 0.02 max 3.

When i saw that scan i thought, did I attach that?

first 2 scans are g04 @ 4x inkjet printable duds
last one is a purple top g04 @ 4x

never again will i buy a white printable from ritek/ridata

Thanks a bunch guys. I knew you wouldn’t let me down! I used the gsc003 strat and it worked like a charm. Now I am loving my Liteon.

This forum rocks!!!

One more note…

I tried burning using Nero 6 and coastered the Ritek G04. Burned with the software that came with the burner (Record Now DX) and it burned just fine.

Any one else have similar problems like this?

You need to turn off some of the stuff nero does like check burn options… and something about making it compatable with dvd’s with min 1 meg written or something. Need ot look it up in nero but they are the options right next ot the burn-proof flag which is always on, its in the drive options window. There is also a thread on it. Nero checks the media on the fly for proper burns and it seems they cause problems. ( I am using another program to read an error filled disk so cant load up nero to check right now).

heh…now you tell me…I uninstalled it tonight. I guess I should reinstall it and try it one more time

Ok…reinstalled Nero…I found where you were talking about.

The box for use Smart-Burn is checked
The box for use buffer underun protection is checked
The box for DVD High compatability mode (at least 1GB will be written) is checked

Which boxes do i uncheck. Also, can you point me to the thread you mentioned? :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

I found those settings in NERO so:

I disabled:

DVD High compatability mode

I left buffer underrun protection on as I assume this only kicks in when the buffers empty out mid burn which never happens for me… well except at the end of the burn ;).

Any way burnt the same image again and the results did not improve.

Attatched is the probe of the burnt disc with nero smart burn and dvd compatibility off.

I dont really know how to read the kprobe2 results but here is what i got when I ran the test on the bad dvd.

To me it looks like its craping out when it switches to 6x. Maybe I am wrong. Someone help me out here :slight_smile:

It looks like it gets worse at 6x, but 20+ PIF, which you have in the 4x zone, is still WAY too high to be read reliably by any reader.

Well whats weird is that the stand alone player reads the 4x zone fine. Then it just locks up (no stuttering or anything, just frozen).

Here are the results of a good DVD burned at 8x using Record Now

I think I would freeze up too if I were a DVD player and suddenly read from 20 to 100 PIF!

Will the end of that “good” DVD actually play? It’s still looking way too high at the end. I used to have similar problems with a stack of white printable G04s - the first ones worked great, then half-way through the batch my drive would no longer recognize them as discs, much less record on them. Try the disc out in a standalone- I’m guessing the end will be screwed up (at least the credits).

When you’re getting results like that, I think it’s important to ask yourself whether the loss in quality is really worth the gain in speed.

There is no loss of quality in my stand alone player (but i think my Phillips DVP642 has a high “crap” tolerance for dvds). Plays fine.

You also have to realize too on movie dvds. The outer edges of the dvd usually holds all the extras and stuff and the main movie is closer to the inside of the ring (I’ve had DVD’s in the past they i’ve burned that showed the movie perfectly and the trailers in the extras part of the dvd wouldn’t even start).

Also, the first time i tested the Riteks i didn’t burn a full dvd which was a bozo no-no. The last 2 dvds I burned that were good using the Riteks where full dvds. I agree, towards the end of the dvd, i should be getting skips, freezes and pixelation. I am not getting any of that.

With that in mind…the only reason why i am trying to get this to work is because i have about 75 Ritek G04’s left. I am also curious to what blanks I should be using (price is no object but like any normal human being, I dont want to pay $1 a blank online)

Any suggestions?

You can’t go wrong with Taiyo Yudens. You can get TY +Rs branded under Samsung for way under $1.00/disc, just check out . I recently picked up 150 of them and I couldn’t be happier.

To be honest, I wouldn’t even bother with DVD-Rs in a LiteOn drive. Yeah, it’ll do them, but the quality is way worse than DVD+Rs that you can get for the same price. It’ll burn DVD-Rs if you have them and need to, but I wouldn’t buy them with the intention of using them in a LiteOn drive. Using DVD+Rs will give you much more readible results.