Problems with Liteon 48X

How reliable are the LiteOn’s 48X’s? as comparred to other lite-ons?
I had 40X and exchanged it for 48x and now I am haveing second thoughts when I read a thread regarding the 48X failing.

Thus, so far my 48X works ok but I only burnt like 3 copies, thus should I return my 48X and get a different one?

What is the failure rate of these drives? Are the 48x’s a bad batch?

Thank You

No they are not bad, and most people have no problems with their drives… Just keep burning! :slight_smile:

My 48x is awesome. Burned hundreds of CDRs and still making flawless CD’s. A few problem posts here is not an indicator of a poor quality drive. In fact, considering the many thousands of LiteOn drives sold, the lack of problem posts is remarkable. Drives are machines, and machines fail. when you consider everything that is occurring in the drive during a high speed burn, it’s a wonder they work at all!

Mine has just given up but, its probably a faulty piece. I’ll just get it replaced.

LTR-48125W rocks. Can’t wait till i get the replacement.

Keep your 48x. Its fine.


I would have to also agree with everyone else about how the 48X burner is a great piece of hardware, even though mine gave up on me too. But before it did, I made a lot of good burns and in a small amount of time.

And like Rdgrimes said, if you compare the fact of how many working drives there compared to faulty ones world-wide no less…then what you see on the forums is a small chunk of thousands of units that are shipped out each day. This can be said about almost any piece of hardware.

So enjoy your drive.

Also, as a small heads up, I got my drive exhanged at my store even though I was 5 months out of the typical warranty. So I’m finally burning again! :smiley:

It’s good to hear that Liteon Is a good pieace of hardware. Except if it gives up on me I don’t think I can bring it back…I bought it at NewEgg and they have 30 days RMA policy.
I haven’t really read a lot of Liteon Drives packing in and calling a life untill I started seeing the 48X threads, which made me worried.

Also how long have you used your drive before it died? How many burns have you performed…the reason for asking is that currently I don’t have many things to burn and I don’t want to find out that my drive died at let say burn #200. I still have the access to the 40X drive should I swap the 48X for the 40x? Is the failure rate of 40X drives the same?

Thank You for all your help.

There are reports of these drives lasting for several thousand burns. Most of the problem reports here are “overclocked” drives.