Problems with LiteOn 48125W 48x12x48x IDE

Heya experts!

Here it is, i bought that x48 burning speed drive. The only prob is that… i burned about 10 cds and 2 succeded or sth…

ie: nero (the one supplied with the burner)
If i burn at x40 / x48, all the process seems to be ok, but at the end, if i try to copy the cd i just burned on my hd, i got a crc error.
(blabla cyclic redundancy check)

Same thing happened with cdrwin.

The udma is on… the drive is flashed to its new version…

And, i dunno if it’ll clear some dark points or sth, but the SMARTBURN utily (got it from the official web site) is NOT recognizing anything…

Maybe i’ll try to change the cds but they work perfectly in other burners…

So here it is :slight_smile:
thx in advance to all who’ll help me :wink:

(i run win2k, 100gb wd hd, mistsumi x54 reader…)

I had that problem, too: A crap IDE cable was the problem! I installed a better one => voilà …

my guess would be: low quality media like CMC or moser baer…

I suggest trying other media

(1) Moser Baer is crap, but LiteOn can write it, look here:
(first picture is after burning, second is after some hours of sun)

(2) You don’t get CRC errors but “invalid MS-DOS-function” or “cannot read from device” if the cd itself is unreadable due to crap media