Problem's with liteon 451s dvd playback(pauses at end of play back)

Any help would be helpful.
Having problems with most of the dvd’s that I am burning.
I use dvdshrink and nero abount 50% of the dvd’s pause at the end of the playback on my dvd player,Please let me know if there is a perfered type of media I should use or if there is better software than I’m currently using.Thank you for your time!

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if i was to help ya, i need more info, being the proud owner of a 451s@851s myself! ok, firstly i need to know what type of media your using, what firmware (open up nero info drive 4 details) your using and what version of nero!


Sorry for the extra threds Im new to this :confused: To answer you r questions its nero 6 demo version and I have used memorex dvd-r/+r ,maxell +/-r imation +/-r ect. I burned a lot of movies brfor checking then dumb move Live and learn Please any help would be great

I’m assuming you’re running with the standard 451 firmware. I too have a 451 drive, and I’ve found that the latest stock firmware is very immature. Switching it to the 851 firmware made a HUGE difference in 4X burn quality for me.

Visit the codeguys page at, and download either GSOH or GSC2. I’m currently running GSC2 and my burns are GREAT (even with -R disks). However, stock firmware GS0H was not bad either. You may need Omnipatcher (available on same site) to prevent the flashing orange light firmware mismatch issue, although I believe that GSC2 already has this fix built in.

Good luck!

scan with kprobe to see if the end of your media is low…

My experience with the latest liteon firmwares is fairly high PO values towards the very end of a fully burnt disc. If PO is more than 10 or so at the end, I get slow frames or even freezes on playback with my PC DVD-ROM/writer & standalone. This does not happen with all burns, but rather sporadically and may even affect good media such as Richojpnr01. It seems to happen only if your disc is fully burnt. May be the outer-most part of the disc deteriorates first?

Kprobe scan your disc and may be run a read speed test.