Problems with LITEON 1693S (VKS04)

Hello there. I’m having major trouble with my drive. I just got it recently and never really got it to work well, even after upgrading the firmware to the current version.

The problem is that it doesn’t seem to read perfectly good factory disks. Usually it spins up and eventually indicates an error of some sort, or just freezes the application that is trying to read from the drive. This is for both CD and DVD media. I have to be really lucky to get anything read.

Should I just return the drive? Are all drives of this brand like that? Or did I just get a defective one?

Thanks in advance,

why don’t you post you probleme straight in the liteon forum! Also give us more information about your system, and the software you are using to read!!
I think that Your drive is using two lens to read. One for CD, and the other for DVD. It is unlikely to have both dead at the same time !!! Can you burn any data on both CD and DVD?
Be also aware that you drive is really PSU sensitive!!! Chek your power supply output with a software like motherboard monitor!!

Vasili, welcome to cdfreak :slight_smile: I’ve moved your thread to the Liteon/Sony forum :wink:

Thanks. Sorry, didn’t know my way around this place.

So yes, burning works seemingly Ok, at least for CDs. I haven’t tried burning DVDs yet. I did have some trouble reading the burnt CDs in my car stereo, but there are probably many variables here to make any conclusions from that fact.

Success for reading is like this:

Doom 3 (CD) - didn’t work with VKS03, worked with VKS04
Psychonauts (CD) - Problems reading, installshield reports errors, I presume due to read failures.
Paranoia Agent Vol. 4 (DVD) - couldn’t read. Video freezes or looks “glitchy”. DVDshrink reports errors when trying to open a disk.
Two Sisters (DVD) - kind of reads, but not very well. Video freezes and also looks “glitchy” sometimes, as if the disk was scratched, while it’s brand new.

I haven’t tried much elso, but I could sure pop a few more disks in there if larger sample size is needed.

About the bit related to power supply: do you mean I need to check the voltage or something else besides that?

Also, the DVD drive it hooked up as an IDE master (my hard drive is SATA). Does that matter at all?