Problems with Liteon 1633s after hacked firmware



I used Omnipatcher to apply recommended tweaks to BSOS firmware and I also increased reading speed to 12x. Before that I used cheap OPTODISC OR4 DVD+R media and burning quality was about 25%. But now Nero CD-DVD speed hangs when I try to use quality check. This only happens with media I’ve burned after this firmware patching with Omnipatcher. I’ve attached my Kprobe scans.
Why does Nero CD-DVD Speed hangs on the same place ?
What can I try to get good burning results with OPTODISC OR4 ?


@ Archa87
Try your scans at 4x scan speed, the forum standard for comparison. Don’t expect excellent results from poor quality media.


What do you think about these scans ?

Burns were made on BSOS firmware after EEPROM reset.


@ Archa87
First burn is nice. PIs start a little high but taper down nicely. PIFs look great.

Second burn…not so nice…looks like a coaster to me. Way high PIFs and PIs.

What burn speed did you do these at? My guess is the first was 4x and the second at 8x. Ask yourself, “What else did I do differently between burns to get such opposite results with the same MID?”. Could also be poor media in variable qualities.


The first scan is decent, the second scan is terrible. OPTODISCOR4 are NOT high quality discs, the quality (and consequently the scans) will vary all over the place. Even when you achieve a decent looking scan, the resulting disc may play back poorly on your settop player (probably due to reflectivity, which cannot be measured by Kprobe or CDSpeed).


Difference was only in burning speed.

Here are my scans of DVD’s I burned some time ago. Burns were made on BSOS firmware with enabled recommended tweaks. Both media are OPTODISC OR4.
First was burned at 4x
Second at 8x (probably too much for 4x media)


@ Archa87
Those aren’t bad results for that media. I would stay at 4x burning to help insure better results. I would not expect much better results from that media. The ultimate decision is up to you on the quality you want and the cash you are willing to part with. RICOHJPNR01s are the best/cheapest IMHO.