Problems with LITE-ON SOHW-1633S

Recently I’ve downloaded and installed new firmware. Yesterday I’ve tried to burn an audio CD using Nero. Burning process was fine, with no errors reported. After that I’ve tried to play that CD, but I couldn’t (when I’ve tried to play that disc in my car’s CD player I’ve heard music with a lot of noise), when I’ve checked that disc using Nero Disk Info, I’ve got information: Disk Empty. Also I’ve forgot to tell, that sound of CD spinning inside burner is strange. I’ve tried to burn few more CDs, but result is the same. After that I’ve tried to burn data CD, and result was the same. Than I’ve downloaded and installed trial copy of CDRWin. I’ve burned new audio CD using CDRWin, and it is working normally.

What is happening, can anyone help me?

Just two quick questions - are the CD-Rs you’ve tried all the same brand? What version of Nero are you using (since, from what you posted, the problem seems to occur in Nero)?

Edit: might be a firmware problem, but maybe someone more up to speed than me can help with that!

Yes, same brand (Verbatim), from the same box. Nero version is

I’ve just tried to burn CD using BurnAtOnce, same problem as with Nero :frowning:

I’ve changed IDE channel that my burner is using, now it’s at Secondary Master, and it was Primary Slave. Now, Nero shows “Power calibration error”. Anyone have any idea, what is happening?

Update Nero to and try again.
And burn CDDA / AUDIO CDs slow, 16x is a good choice.

I’ve updated firmware and problem with Power calibration error is solved. I’ve just burned CD at 8x speed, and quality of burned CD is much better (probably that’s the reason why CDRWin worked fine, as it was at Demo mode and it could only burn at lowest possible speed). Does anyone know what could cause this speed problem? DMA is working in Mode 2 and buffer underrun protection is on.

CDDA (Audio CD) is always read/played back at 1x speed, and burning such media at high speeds makes the player producing weird noises …