Problems with Linux

Hi everybody! This is my first post, but i am a cdfreaks reader since the faaaaaaaar '98! i have seen this site evolve and i think it’s getting better and better…
Well, i have a problem with Linux Mandrake 8.0… i don’t know how to delete LILO that damn thing that pops up everytime i turn my pc on, and if i’m not there to select “windows” it boots linux.
I have 2 HD: a 20Gb with WinME ( C: )(primary master)and a second 9Gb HD ( D: ) (secondary master) on which i installed Linux. Basically i just want my 9 Gb hd back… but if i try to remove it from the system when i boot my pc crashes and a get a nice row of 01010101010101010! WHY??? I configured the bios to boot from primary master! Does it mean the linux installation put files on my other hd too? Oh i almost forgot… i don’t know ANYTHING about linux, it was my first installation , just to try it! so,plz, if someone can help me guide me step by step!
By the way, i’m Italian and any help in italian is welcome

You could try formatting the hard drive out of Windows.

I had this problem once, and messed it up. I had to reformat my hard drive. (I was dual-booting from a single hard drive, and I think that has a lot to do with it. And I was Using Grub. What happened was, I could see the grub start-up screen, but no booting options. Very frustaratong:mad: . However, you should definitely back up your main drive first. Nero has the ability to do this.)

Somehwere in the admin options (KDE/GNOME) of mandrake you can change the lilo configuration. I dunno precisely where.

If that doesn’t work , open a shell and use the info
here. Mind you that you can change lilo only when you have root privileges.

Thanks! i looked back into the forum’s archive and found an interesting command: fdisk /mbr… i ran it from winME dos prompt and …it worked!! :stuck_out_tongue: