Problems with LightScribe recognition of DVD writer



hello everyone!! im trassher from the philippines… just stumbled here in your beautifull site… ive had this problem with my dvd rom… its an “LG 18x Super multi DVD Writer”(GSA-H42L) ive installed the included cd… Heres the thing… it writes good, but when i try to make a lightscribe label on a cd, the dvd rom/drive is not on the selection, or its not been recognized as a lightscribe abled rom… this is not the first time i made or used lightscribe to lable a cd with the drive… ive done it before and it worked will, im just wondering why i cant do it again, ive had my pc’s OS re installed by the way, but i have installed the DVD drive’s driver and all the bundled software included on the box… :confused:

i dont know what to do, i will truely appreciate any help…THANK you!!


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Just to double-check, you do have the latest LightScribe System Software installed?

Also there’s a LightScribe Diagnostic Utility, run that and see what it says. :slight_smile: