Problems with LH-20A1S

I recently had to replace some major components, so I went ahead and did a complete system rebuild, and picked up an LH-20A1S Lite-On drive so I could move all drives to SATA.

Relevant components might be as follows. ECS KA3 MVP Mobo (AMD 580x NB: ATi SB600) onboard JMB363.

As soon as it was in the system things started getting hairy. When hooked up to the SB600 SATAII ports the system takes forever to POST. Somewhere within the realm of 30-60seconds. Doesn’t matter what configuration of drives are on the SB600, or what ports the 20A1S uses, the system will not post in a timely fashion.

By moving the 20A1S onto the JMB363 my system will post just fine, but I can not get the drive to run in any mode except PIO. I have no idea how to configure my system so this is a non-issue, and given the problems presented with the SB600 I am inclined to believe something else may be going on.

Firmware version is 9L05. Came loaded with 9L03. Update provided no improvement.

I have tried looking through the forums quite thoroughly, tried guides linked through the forum faq and my two problems are still present. Does anyone have some light to shine on the subject?