Problems with LG GSA-4120B

Hi everyone. I have bought a new LG GSA-4120B drive a couple of weeks ago and i have been burning the grey Datawrite 8x DVD-Rs. I cannot burn them in 8x speed so instead i burn them in 4x. Although the burning completes successfully in Nero 6.0 i have problems when reading these DVDRs even through the LG drive!! Some files on the DVD may load but some other may not. Also i have burned a movie in DVD-Video format and although the first few chapters of the movie play normally tha later chapters have reading problems. I would be grateful if anyone could help me with this problem.
Thank you.

maybe bad media issue. try other media of better quality.

I had this EXACT same problem with Ritek G05 8X DVD-R media. I switched to other types of DVD-R media and they performed well. Not excellent, but well. Unfortunately they were 4X media. I used Prodisc (I believe S03) 4X media and some Ritek G04, also 4X. I haven’t used any 8X -R media yet.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for the replies. I have used some Verbatim 4x DVDs and they work fine with my drive. What other DVD disks can you recommend? Is there any disk that could be burned in 8x speed?

The “reviews” thread here contains a lot of information about GSA-4120B.

Datawrite grey are awful with this drive, I had to take a spindle back

Good discs to get are datawrite 8x yellow +R Prodisc R03
also good are 4x -R datawrite yellow princo, yes princo
Ritek G04 (Not G05- firmware doesn’t support this yet, lets hope A105 will)

Can you really take media back after you’ve found it to be incompatible with your DVD-Writer?:bigsmile:

I brought 50 Datawrite Grey Classics (fujifilm03 dye) from ebuyer(UK).
Burnt 5 before i realised a problem, came to CD Freaks & found out their poor performance with the GSA-4120B.

I also brought 50 fake Mirror Taiyo Yudens from, which I did’nt realise were fake until I burnt several coasters. I kept thinking it was a superfluous service or process interfering with the burn.

Do you think I could still get a refund for either of these despite having used several first?:bigsmile:

I did get a full refund on my datawrite greys - they didn’t seem surprised at the shop.

I know many people are having problems with these discs - they are giving problems on NEC-2500 as well.

Here are other peoples comments about media compatibility wiht the LG4120B

Check this site out.

Ive used successfully:

  1. LG +R X8 orange top (CMC MAG E01)
  3. RITEK G04


I just bough this burner today (LG GSA-4120B) and upgraded to the latest firmware (A111), and bough a pack of Princo 4x DVD-R (25 cake box) and so far, I burned 6 DVD, 2 of them completed without problems with Nero, the others failed at various places saying : Focus/Tracking error (not sure if it is the Princo disks or the config were the burner is : a Compaq 5310CA (CEL 1,1GHZ, 384MB SDRAM and original HD 40GB) I use Windows XP Pro with SP2 and Nero Burning Rom The question is I know the PC I use doesn’t meet the processor requirement of the Manual that ship with the burner (Req said Pentium 4 1,6GHZ), is this possible that the problem is not the Princo DVD (burned at 4x all time) cause I wanna buy some new DVDs and try again, or should I just bring back the burner and stay out of the wonderfull DVD burning world till I upgrade my computer (this won’t happen untill I get a job, I hope soon but not sure)

I would try burning at a slower speed first (2X). Then take it back and try another if it is still no go.
Good luck in finding a job!

It is probable that your system cannot support the required data rate, however, buy normal media (e.g., verabatim, ty, ricoh) as with princos you never know.

I am wondering why transfer rate test with Nero CD-DVD speed hangs on the same level after it reaches it! It’s always the same with every DVD-media I’ve tried. I try to attach an example pic(Verbatim DVD-R 4x), let’s see if I can :o …

It never goes over 10x, even if it reaches 10x approx. at 3Gb!

i use cmc mag e01, in this case unbranded, but they work awesome with this drive and burn at 8x.

I bought datawrite classic (grey ones) 8x dvd-r (20 dvd pack), and well… like 3 or 4 gave me problems >_<,the first ones, but I could write the rest with no problems O_o. I can read them in my divx player (woxter x-vid 100).
I have a gsa-4120b.