Problems with LG GSA-4081B

Hello I’m from Poland and my english isn’t to good!

I have such a problem i bought few days ago a DVD LG GSA-4081B and in him was the A100 firmware but I decide do put in him a A106 firmware after that he stopped reading CD’s , Dvd’s and he stopped to write Cd and Dvd. I don’t know what to do. Maybe when I put in him the A100 firmware he will write and read cd and dvd but I don’t know how to do this because the A100 firmware we can put only in DOS. For exemple the A101 and higher we can put by windows.

Greetings and when you can please help me!!

You can delete the IDE channels in Devicemanager and then reboot.

Can you tell how can I do this??? I have to do something in bios of the computer???

No, has nothing to do with the BIOS. Open Devicemanager, under IDE ATA/ATAPI-Controllers you can find both IDE channel entries.

Ok but when I remove the controllers to the DVD LG-4081b after reboot windows automaticly install this drive.

That’s the idea behind it.
Solving possible driver problems.

Ok! the LG is reading and writing on normal cd but he don’t reads Dvd’s.


Clean the lens of the drive then.

I don’t know how to do it. :frowning: