Problems with LG DVD burner




I resently Bought an LG DVD burner for Ec$267.00 or US $100.00 (please let me know if i was ripped off?) a month ago.

I am using a dell demension 2400 intel celeron proccessor with a Cd RW drive also.

When Got the Burner i replaced the CD Rom with the Burner and left the CD RW drive connected also. I have burned 4 Data DVDs with this I movie and many music Cds say over 25.

i Use Nero Reoloaded the full version to burn what ever i need.

About a week ago ot two i noticed that i was trying to burn some music to a Cd and the burner told me burn process failed at 2,400 something. when i thought my Data was being burned when it hit 100% it would say failed.

Because it was music i then changed the reocorder to the cdrw and burned my cds in under 3 mins. i then decide this week i wanted to copy two dvds a friend gave me (movies). I placed the original DVD in the burner as i have copy it to my hard drive first as i dont have a dvd Rom. I notied the movie never poped up as normal with Cyber Link Power DVD. which is the programm i use to view my movies or nero show time.

I then went into my computer and noticed that the drive showed cd rom and there were two more drive all saying DVD Driver F and G. i then uninstalled them. i then shut down and took off the cdrw and left only the LG burner connected. it showed DVD RAM DRIVE. but its still not read.

I red my dell hand book and it told me if i saw a yellow ! that there is a conflict. and i really believe that cause at one time it plays cds, but not dvds. could some one help me out with this. i resolving this conflict. i hope its not anything that was damaged cause man i spent too much mone on that thing.

if anyone wanted to help me please add me to ur msn if u want to i am always done. i am to return these dvds tomorrow.

PLEASE HELP :confused: :sad:

Thank you


I am having the same problem with burning some dvds. I put it into the burner and it won’t show anything in the drive. I have tried my regular dvd drive but still nothing.


Maybe could help to know your HW configuration… :smiley:
I would try hdd on primary ide as master, cd writer on primary ide as slave, dvd burner on sec. Ide as master…
Maybe you have set dvd as cable select???
Then you may have memory problems… that don’t show up with the cd burner…
Then, it’s only a guess, maybe your power source isn’t good and may have corrupted the electronic of the dvd?? :doh:
Hope is not!
I’m not really an expert, so don’t trust me too much… Only trying to help :rolleyes:
Good luck!


I dont think its any of that. I can burn certain dvd’s but but some dvd’s will not show up for me to burn.

An example is I just burnt a disc 1 of a series but when I put disc 2 in it doesn’t recognize the dvd. Just tells me to insert a dvd then retry.

I am really confused.


You must use a proper burning app to be able to burn DVDs.


Yes I know… And I am using a program.

The problem is that none of my DVD drives recognize the dvd but will recognize disc 1 in the series but not disc 2.


I think Auto-Insert-Notification is disabled and therefore you have to wait and try a few times so the drive recognizes that a different media were inserted…

How many and which burning apps are installed?
Are Alcohol and / or CloneCD / Packet-Writing Software installed?


Have a GSA5160 external DVD burner. Downloaded the A303 firmware upgrade from the LG web site. Read the readme file and executed the firmware update.

The update didn’t progress as the readme file stated and never completed. Called LG TS and they told me “I haven’t ever done a FW upgrade”.

Put me on hold, came back and said “reboot the CPU”. I reminded the CSA that there was warning in the readme file NOT to interrupt the update or damage to the drive could occur. Said “do it anyway” and I did.

Now the drive is brain dead. LG says “too bad, out of warranty and that FW update is at your own risk”.

Duh, no warning on the web site, no warning at download, no warning in the readme that it is at my own risk.

My drive worked…
Downloaded LG FW update…
Followed the directions…
My drive don’t work…

My fault?

Remember how LG stands behind their product and takes care of their customer when you’re out there shopping for big buck HDTVs.