Problems with LG CD RW CED 8080B...please help!

Hello all,

First time posting, so I am hoping that I am posting in the correct area!

Not being particularly technically minded I hope you can bear with my somewhat vague description of the problem I have encountered with my cd rewriter recently.

I suffered a fairly catastrophic failure of Windows a few days ago (when I turned my pc on, all I could get on screen was my screensaver… no icons, toolbar, nothing… except for an error message telling me that explorer had failed). The only way I found to resolve the problem was to reinstall '98, over the top of the current installation and hope that the errors were patched up and all my files and other information would be spared.

This seemed to work ok at first glance, however I soon discovered that while all my files seemed to be intact, many of my programs no longer worked.

I am guessing that my hard drive is now a big unrecoverable mess, and am desperate to burn all my important files to cd so that I can completely wipe my machine and start from scratch. However, it seems that my rewriter has been adversely affected by my reinstalling Windows somehow, as it is not being recognised AT ALL all by the 3 or 4 different burning packages that I have downloaded since the problem occured (at least two of which worked fine before the problem).

I have tried downloading new drivers for the rewriter, and have tried removing the rewriter in control panel and restarting, but every time I do this, I am told that the most up to date driver is already in place. Basically, I can’t get it to be recognised as a rewriter; it’s just seeing it as a cd rom. Is there anything else I can try to get it working normally again?

Many thanks, Nichola

hmm, i know nothing about Win 98. however, did you say you reinstalled the burning programs that you use ?