Problems with itunes and wmp11

You’ve more than likely heard it before, but I’m getting really tired of the garbage that’s available for music downloads.
Itunes seems to have the most mature system and yet I get corrupt files/music when I download from them.
Wmp11 gives me a statement-there is no such error code. Error code flash not installed. I get this when I try to see what’s on Urge.
I want to get my wife either an ipod nano or really good mp3 player, but am worried about the above problems as well as just how good windows play for sure will work and for how long will it continue to work.
Hope somebody can help.

Just “rent” music from Rhapsody. Or you could go the illegal way and download from FrostWire.

Unfortunately I can confirm from Microsoft’s website that Windows Media Player will not play music purchased from iTunes (i.e. the m4p files). iTunes uses its own proprietary DRM system and will only play in software where a plugin is available to support it. For example, there is an m4p plugin for Winamp to allow iTunes music to be played in this application.

Before forking out on a portable MP3 player, iPod, etc. or start purchasing from other music download services, have a check at this guide. There are a lot of scam sites out there, although as a general rule, never sign up for a service that will not allow you to browse through music in its music library. Finally, beware that the iPod series can only play non-crippled MP3 files and music purchased from Itunes and that music bought on iTunes can only be played on an iPod (at least without trying to strip off the DRM in either case).