Problems with itunes and limewirepro



I don’t know why i’m having problems syncing limewirepro and itunes. For some reason or another when i go to put the destination folder in limewire it doesn’t show the itunes folder. So i make a different folder and then the itunes folder pops up what am i doing wrong man is this ever frustrating :a I just want all my completed songs to go straight to itunes without having to do it manually!!




So you are downloading mp3s and expecting them to be processed straight into iTunes? Don’t you think there is some human input needed…?

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i don’t know what you mean? I’ve used the new bearshare and linked it directly to itunes why can’t i do the same with limewire I’ve tried to set itunes as the destination folder but it doesn’t work. What I meant by doing it manually was that i have to open a new folder and then switch from one folder to another all the time rather than the music going straight to the itunes library.


I’ll transfer this to the ‘Music Download & P2P’ section where you might get some specific help.