Problems with InterVideo

I just got InterVideo DVD Copy 4 so that I could burn 26 small AVIs to a single DVD that I can watch on a DVD player. But it doesn’t work. It won’t burn the files to DVD in any format (DVD, DivX, Divx(AVI) <–not sure what the difference is, etc). I always get a message that says there isn’t enough space on the destination (I tried both of my drives). Does anybody know what’s wrong, or should I get another program? I’m kind of mad that I wasted my time and money…

You’ll 1st want to convert the files to MPEG2, balancing image quality against file size. You’ll not like the results of trying to put more than 2 hours of video on a single-layer DVD. Once you know what the total file sizes are, then you can approach how best to author your DVDs.

AVI is basically raw video, DIVX, and an assortment of others, are MPEG4. For DVD-video you need MPEG2. The software will do the conversion, but that doesn’t mean it can put an unlimited amount onto one DVD. I’ll guess that your files are currently DIVX, or some other form of MPEG4, which has much smaller files sizes than MPEG2.

Some DVD players can play MPEG4/DIVX files, most cannot.

How long in minutes are each of the files?

They’re all about 20 minutes long. The file type is AVI.

AVI may be the file extension, but that’s not the file type necessarily. DIVX and some MPEG4 also have AVI extensions. MPEG4/DIVX would run about 200-300MB for a 20 min video, depending on the image size.

That said, figure on putting 3-6 of these on a DVD, depending on the bit rate used for the conversion to MPEG2, regardless of the file type.