Problems with installation of DW1650 (driver)

Hello everbody,

as the board claimed, knowledge is power. I hope someone can help me with my problem:

I just made an upgrade to my rather old PC and changed my old LG GCE-8520B for a BenQ DW1650 for beeing able to burn DL media. After installation I turned on the pc, it started booting and after everything is done and Windows is loading booting process freezes. In I got another DVD-RW (LG 4082B) burner in my system. With this one it worked no problem befor upgrade. When I try to open the tray after freeze the LG opens no problem while at the same time the BenQ doesn’t react at all. So I suppose Windows is tryong to get the driver from the drive and something ist not working.

I had the same issues when I was installing the LG 4082B and the only solution was formating my hd and do a new instalation of my Win98.

My system is a P III 500MHz on Win98SE. Drives installed are a LG GSA-4082B and the new BenQ DW1650. Anybody any idea what is wrong with my system? Can it be a problem with some burning software? On the other hand it freezes in the boot of the Windows-part of Win98 so that burning software shouldn’t be an issue. Anybody a good idea befor i start formating? :wink:

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Most of the time when a system frezes during boot after installing a new drive is that the jumper on the back of the drive is not set to the correct position IE Master or Slave position? Also check that your Power (molex) and IDE connectors are firmly seated.

What other drives do you have in your system on your IDE channels and is your DW-1650 connected as a master or slave?

Could be that the jumper on back of DW-1650 is not set correctly for configuration you’ve placed drive in or a Hard drive is taking issue with DW-1650 being slaved behind it for same reason.

Check jumper settings on ‘all’ drives.
Some hard drives have 2 master settings: one where it is master and only drive on cable and one where it is master with slave attached.

Check bios settings for IDE devices and whether drives are being detected in bios. (Usually selecting auto detect in bios will bring information up if not already shown)

Immediately after you first turn on PC and it’s going through post routine note whether all IDE devices are being detected and shown on screen. Hit pause button on keyboard if it all happens a bit quick to see.

It does sound like a configuration conflict. If it gets through all above prior to getting into Windows then it quite possibly could be a Windows conflict. Check Primary and Secondary IDE channels in ‘System Information’ to make sure that both channels are working and there is no conflicts with IRQ assignment.

My system is a little bit complicated:

On both my primary and my secondary IDEs are DVD-opticals. The LG GSA-4082B on first one, the BenQ on second. Both configuered as master. For my first HDD I got a extra IDE Controler installed on a PCI-slot working great. My second HDD is a SCSI-HDD thus connected to my SCSI-controler on board. So both of my optical-drives have a controler on there own. :slight_smile:

During bootup of the Bios all drives are recognised correctly. Only when windows is coming system is freezing. With Linux I got no problem, even burn DVDs. But I found out something different. When I installed the BenQ on a “naked” system it was no problem for Win98 to work with the drive. Then I turned on DMA-Support for that drive and I had the same issues like with main computer. The only thing is that for new drives DMA-support should be turned off in my main pc. But if that’s the problem, may I solve the problem with turning off DMA for all my drives and then make the installation the BenQ again?

Thanks for all your work.

Download this and check mobos chipset under Motherboard tab.
Report back. :slight_smile:

Required information attached! :wink: