Problems with INCD 4



How many of you have had problems with INCD 4? I recently added a 16X DVD burner to my system that already had a 48X CD burner installed. It came with some simple burning software (Sonic Record Now Deluxe) and the DLA packet writer. I wasn’t all that impressed and the DLA as it didn’t want to work right with both burners enabled. So, I ordered Nero 6 Ultra with the INCD 4 packet writer. No better, maybe worse than DLA. Still didn’t work right with the CD burner enabled and also wouldn’t format the 2X DVD-RW discs I bought at Staples to go with the 16X DVD burner. Nero has acknowledged compatibility problems with INCD 4 and XP SP2. Does anybody know if Nero is still working on a solution to this? I finally went back to the INCD 3.x I was using before. It only recognizes the CD burner (and not the DVD) but that’s better than nothing. At least now I can format CD-RW’s in UDF where as I couldn’t with INCD 4.x.


Did you try the latest version of InCD? It is I installed it to find out if it improved and have had no trouble at all with it. I am using a NEC 3520AW and a Lite_On 832s.


I have downloaded it from Nero website, and it will not install on my computer. I keep getting an error message with directs me to the Nero website. I am currently using the previous version. That Nero support staff In India, I suppose) just doesn’t seem to be 'able to understand problems.


I had to remove completely the INCD 4 and I am only using the Nero program without it and that is with my BenQ 162I External dual layer 16X+R !6X-R and I had a horrible time getting rid of the program.
I had to get support from my BenQ who told me not to use the program and did assist with what knowledge they had re: INCD and the problems.
I don’t need the program for my use and so I finally got it uninstalled and did a Reg Supreme clean up and did a search of my registry and there are finally no remains there and my burning is fine now; however I don’t have the type of system that you have!!!