Problems with Imation 8X DVD+Rs


Newbie to this forum. Hope this question isn’t too off-topic.

Has anyone else out there had blatant and widespread issues using Imation 8X DVD+Rs?

Through a lot of trial and error, we found that we were having tremendous problems with burning Imation 8X DVD+Rs. When burning them at 8X, some 50% or more of them would have CRC errors when reading them. The errors would not be evidenced on the burn. You would only see them when you tried to read the files. When explicitly burning at a slower speed, the undetected errors seem to go away completely, although I have still getten a few errors on the burn itself. The problem was not the burner because we tried it with three different models of burners (not just three of the same model) and we had similar problems with all of them.

Once we nailed down the root of our problems, I did more research. I was not surprised to find that Imation farms out all their DVD production and rebrands. They use several manufacturers, so you’re never quite sure what you’re really getting. What did surprise me is that I didn’t see thousands of flames about these DVDs since the problems we’ve had were so widespread and blatant once we got 8X and 16X +R burners. While we are not doing anything “odd” with our burns, there may be some things we are doing that are exacerbating the problem, such as nearly filling up the DVD, having very large files, and always burning at maximum speed. However, even so, a 50%+ undetected error rate seems entirely unreasonable to me.

Anybody had a similar experience with Imation 8X DVD+Rs?


Use Nero CD/DVD Speed to check the MID of the disc under disc info. I’ll go out on a limb and assume that it will be CMC Mag E01’s. Only a few burners can handle these well, mainly NEC’s. What burner(s) do you happen to have?

I second what jhtalisman said. Your burners may not like that mediacode - my LiteOn drives can handle the CMC MAG E01 well, and a few of my drives (both LGs and the BenQs in my sig) like the MBIPG101 R04 variety. All Imation branded BTW.

However, the CMC MAG E01s don’t do so well on my BenQ 1650s.

Be interested to see what burners you have, and the MID of the discs. :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding, everyone.

The manufacturer of the discs is Ricoh, and the code is RICOHJPN R02.

The burners we’ve had trouble with are the Toshiba TS-L532B (internal burner that comes with Dell XPS M170), the Sony DRX-710UL (external), and the Sony DRX-720UL (external). We are also having it with whatever came as the burner in our Dell Precisiion 670 which, unfortunately, I am not at liberty to take apart right now.

It took us [I]forever[/I] to figure out that the problem lied with the discs themselves. We we first started getting M170s, we thought the problem was with the burners. We didn’t realize at the time that the M170 burners we were using were fine. It’s that they were the first thing we had that were burning the Imations at a speed of 8X or higher. Our previous model, the Dell XPS Gen 2, only burned at 2.4X. It was only when we started having the same problem with some other new burners we were using, namely those listed above, that we realized the problem was with the media.

Any thoughts?


Sounds like those burners just don’t like that mediacode.

As I say, Imation discs with other codes (which I mentioned above) tend to burn well on some of my drives.

Never tried the RICOHJPN R02, though I’ve heard good things about RICOHJPN R01.

If in doubt about what you’re getting, buy Verbatim discs (but not the “Pearl White” ones) - you’re guaranteed MCC media codes, which burn well on most burners. :wink:


Thanks for the advice, and I will follow through on this end.

I was in England on my first trip out of North America in my life (I’m 40) six months ago. It’s a beautiful place and you are great people…well, at least the ones I met, anyway. :slight_smile:


I’m burning on a imation DVD+R 8x, and even if it has stuff on it, it is comming up as a blank CD, and it’s driving me mad.

Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed it here in England :smiley:

Hopefully the Verbatims will do the trick, as they’re well supported and good quality discs :slight_smile:


Hi, welcome to CDF :)…you’d be better off making a thread of your own (“New Thread” button at the top left of the forum page), as people might not see your question tucked away in here :wink:

Odd. The 2 external burners you have are actually Sony rebranded Benq DW1640 and 1670 drives, which I know at least the Benq internal versions perform well with this media. Maybe you could crossflash the 710UL to the Benq external 1640 firmware and see how it does. I’m not 100% sure that there is an external version of the 1670 firmware. Get the external 1640 at Benq support. It’s the EW164B firmware, last updated in 12/05. Haven’t seen complaints about it. Go to the Benq subforum of the optical drive section in this forum. There is a sticky thread about a program called BQFlasher and the first post contains instructions on using it. [B]It’s easy and safe as long as you are flashing the correct firmware![/B] You will have to reboot for the update to take effect or use your drive.

Disregard my previous post. For some reason I was thinking of the 810 and 820 drives. Your drives are probably Lite-Ons.