Problems with image burning


I’ve got a Yamaha 8424IDE burner. I can’t burn anything using the “Disk-at-once” option. I’m using Nero 5.0 and I’m getting pretty frustrated. It always fills up the “buffer” scale to 99% and then stops there. It then gives the logical block out of range error and freezes my computer. I’ve got a 500Celeron system with 64MB memory. I’ve been able to burn audio CD’s by using the Track-at-once option, but if I want to burn an image, it won’t work. Please help. Thanks.

Why not try a diffferent cd software.

Try the following combo.

Blindread(extract) with fireburner/cdrwin (write)

Also nero5 has had lots of problems, try the update patch or go back to neroV4.

Where can I find the Nero 4.0 version to download?