Problems with IfoEdit 0.96



Hi forum
my first tryout with IfoEdit was abruptly terminated
I followed the IfoEdit guides:
started out with step 1

Then I did

You can check it out imidiatly. Copy or move the highlighted files to a different directory, restart IfoEdit and open one IFO file, and hit ‘DVD Play’ again.
The movie/DVD will be played perfectly.
the movie started as it should, but after 11 se I get the warning
DVD Warning: An illegal navigation command was encountered

Why does this occur?


it means that whatever you did to the dvd left it unplayable in some manner.


I understand so mutch… but I just folllowd the guides…


guides involving things like reauthoring dvds usually can’t cover every possibility since there are so many ways to author dvds and some dvds are incorrectly authored in the first place. your dvd might be one of those dvds, in which case the guide won’t properly account for it.