Problems with hp8100 after upgrade to XP Pro

I had been using a HP Visualize 550 as my work machine with Win2000k, but i was upgraded and when the box was rebuilt to be a workstation to be used at home, it was loaded with XP.

My problem is that the system no longer recognizes the CD writer 8100 as a CDW, it sees it as a generic CD and loads generic Microsoft drivers and says all is well. Not only does it not record, it locks up every app or folder that point to it. The device manager seees it as an 8100, but the system (as when I view it in “My Computer”) does not.

I have loaded easy CD creator and B’s Recorder goad, both of which worked prior to the upgrade and neither recognizes the drive as a writer.

Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks, in advance, for any help,


this should help;jsessionid=ALHMMECAOLPQ1QEXGR3UNZQ?lc=en&docName=lpg40447&cc=us&prodId=hpcd-write9675&lc=en