Problems with HP630i (630c) to Benq 1620 Cross Flash

After searching through this forum, I discovered that the 630i is a rebranded Benq 1620. After further reading, I found that I should use bqflasher.exe to crossflash the firmware. So I obtained B7W9RPC1.EXE from here, and flashed the drive. I was told the flash was successful, and I powered down the PC, and restarted. When I insert media now, the drive light flashes for a bit, then it just stays on solid, and no media is recognized in Windows (CD, DVD+R, DVD5, etc). I tried reflashing again, as I noticed some people had “better results” doing that, but the problem remains. Anyone have any ideas?

Just an update, the steady-on light is normal, I guess, for the BenQ 1620, so that wasn’t the problem, and was unrelated to the issue of not recognizing media in Windows. I installed the official BenQ B7W9 firmware instead of the TDB version, and everything appears to be working fine now.

Hi [B]albatross83[/B], welcome to CD Freaks!
Glad to hear that everything works well now. :slight_smile:
Yes, the steady-on light is normal for BenQs and Plextors.