Problems with HP dvd630i

I recently purchased a Hewlett Packard DVD Writer dvd630i to replace my Hewlett Packard CD-Writer 9300 series. I have zero complaints with the prior 9300 series CD-Writer. But now, using the new dvd630i, I am having troubles reading (some) CDRs that were previously written using the 9300 series.

Some work, some don’t. I assume it’s the media. Hell, I have been unable to read some CDRs that were written by someone else, using some other hardware.

Is this common? Anyone at all familiar with this? What can I do? I believe I already visited HP’s website for updated firmware, which if I remember correctly, I’m already up to date.

I would seriously dislike installing the exisiting 9300 series or a standard CD-ROM in addition to this dvd630i, just to read what it cannot.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.