Problems with HP DVD Writer 400i

Hello, running out of things to try. I’m having a problem with my DVD Writer 400i when backing up DVD’s. It shows a writing error. [16:42:43 Error Write failed 16:51:51 (Write sector) Failed: Code 03 06 00 (Write error)]. I borrowed an external TDK DVD writer and everyting works fine. I’ve tried reloading the software (except the RecordNow software which I need to get to upgrade the firmware if that is a problem). The HP website says I need to have RecordNow loaded :sad: which I don’t have anymore. I was wondering if any newer version of Record Now would work. The write seems to work fine when burning CD-R’s or writing to a DVD-RW. I’m using DVDDecrypter, DVD2One, and finally CopyDVDPro to burn it. It works with the TDK external. Does it soundlike I need a firmware upgrade and if so can I get away with it using any version of RecordNow. Thanks for your help.

RecordNow is simply their preferred CD/DVD burning software … there’s no need to have that specific program. For example you can get the trial version of nero from and and see if it gives you are more descriptive/informative error message.

I have a HP Pavillion a630n PC and it has the HP DVD Writer 400c installed.

Previously, I experienced brief times when the drive completely stopped reading any DVD disks. This included commercial DVDs, DVD+R, and DVD+RW. This would always be corrected with a reboot of the system.

Currectly, that has not fixed the problem reading DVDs at all. The drive works fine for CDs and CD-ROMs. There seems to be a separate lens that reads DVDs. This is the only thing that I can think of that makes any sense.

My PC is only covered by Best Buy because it is now older than one year. I want it to be fixed because I paid for the drive. But I don’t want to lose use of my PC for a week or two just to replace a drive.

Trying to get HP on the phone now. If I can’t get some straight answers out of them, I will file a BBB complaint. This problem seems to be widespead and should be dealt with by the BBB.

I have checked the software and drivers for the drive and all are working properly.