Problems with home movie dvd

I am really a newbie so please be patient :wink:
Using Virtualdub I captured about 60 minutes of analog content from my camcorder. I then edited it and burned it using Ulead video studio 7. The dvd plays fine on the computer using power dvd. The problem is in the stand alone player (either of the two I have) the video is bad when there is motion. It is blurred with ‘tails’. Very weird effect. Also has some problems reading some areas (even in the dvd rom), but not in the dvd rw drive. Any idea of what it is what I can do to avoid this?



two things could be doing this

  1. Are you encoding the at the right bitrate? Some DVD players are more forgiving than others at slightly odd bitrates (whereas your computer dosn’t really care). Off the top of my head I can’t remember the correst bitrate, but a quick search on either the transcoding forum or Google should give you the answer.

  2. Are you using a re-writable disc? From personal experience, all 3 of my DVD players (well 2 players and a PS2) give strange “side effects” when on a re-writable, but fine on a DVD-ROM.

Good luck in finding the problem, and if you do find out, please write and let us know what it is.

Sounds to me like a problem of de-interlacing.

You may have inadvertently chosen to de-interlace the footage at capture or editing. That would explains the “tails” in movements.

Thanks for the responses. Whaledad, I don’t know how I would have selected to de-interlace. I captured at 640 by 480. Would that do it? Any other ideas?

hello, i do think i have a problem od interlace too…i really cant understand what i really need to do. I do capture avi then i do change it to mpegmovie(2) and when i write it on dvd (which is high quality dvd) i get this strobe effect kind of problem with the picture when played on home DVD… any one can tell me what to do? I use adobe encore or My sonic as authoring…


Great guide for interlacing questions- I used it to do two pretty good VHS captures with absolutely no experience.