Problems with HL and (HL)OF



If I want to play HL (Half-Life) or OF online it says I have an invalid cd-key. I already tried some keygenerators.


Thats why a while ago, tuns of messages where posted asking the same stuff for q3.
Well its the same shit, you need to buy a key .


And you copied like descibed at Because it worked fine for me.



It didn’t work, but how did you do it? Maybe I did something wrong???


Well I have to admit that I copied it directly from an original one, so I used the key that came with it. So if you didn’t make the cd yourself, you should be able to get a key from the guy that did make the cd.

But here’s how I did it:

Create the following temporary directories:
TempDir#1 : C:\TEMP\CD
TempDir#2 : C:\TEMP\AUDIO
TempDir#3 : C:\TEMP\FILES
Copy the full contents of the original CD to TempDir#1.
Extract all Audio/CDDA tracks to TempDir#2.
Extract the Patch Archive to TempDir#3.
Copy the <TempDir#3>\opfor.dll file to the <TempDir#1>\OPFOR\gearbox\dlls\ directory to disable the CD-Check.
Copy the <TempDir#3>\cdauth.exe file to <TempDir#1>\EXTRAS\ directory to disable the Key-Check.
Create a Mixed-Mode CD-Image and burn the contents of TempDir#1 (Data track) & TempDir#2 (Audio Tracks) to a CD-R using this CD-Label: OP_FOR
Play the game!

Just like stated in gmaecopyworld