Problems with Hidalgo

Hey guys, my first post here, cause I can usually search this site and find the answers I am looking for. I am trying to back up my Hidalgo dvd with no luck.
I have never been unable to back up any of my dvds but this one is unreal. I am using:
Dvd Decryper

I have tried all the above with no luck. Dvd Decrypter seems to rip it but when I go to compress with any other program it will not work. I am getting errors with everything. I cannot get anything else to rip it. CloneDvd gets about 48% and stops. DvdSrink does the same.
Has anyone successfully backed up Hidalgo.
Thanks for your help

I did it with decrypyter>shrink>nero. Nothing stripped out, full content.
I did have problems with playback on Big Fish with the same method. Stuck on one chapter - wouldn’t advance.

Hidalgo (R2, German): No problem here.
(Guys, that should teach you to ALWAYS specify EXACTLY what source you are trying to copy… country, region, widescreen, edition, bla, bla, bla… I am tired of writing this stufff… it is the last time I’ll do it…) :a

Had no problem with Hidalgo using CloneDVD\AnyDVD Region1 widescreen, movie & menu.

No problems with Hidalgo. Mine was a R2, widescreen. I backed it up on a Verbatim DL media.

I am using the same and still can not make it through about 48%. I must be holding my mouth wrong. I did read a post where the latest version of CloneDvd was causing some of the same problems I am having and reinstalling took care of the problem. So I might try that. The problem accually started right after I got my update.
Will try again later.


You may have a point there about a possible flaw in Clone DVD v2.5.3.3 installation…
When I copied Hidalgo it was with 2.4.54. I do have now and have burned several movies without problems.

If you reinstasll 2.5.33 and it doesn’t work try installing and see if that works, this will permit you to isolate the problem. I sincerely doubt it is the fault of CloneDVD or AnyDVD. Is this this a legitimate R1 disk or some copy from China or Thailand?