Problems with h10a

updated my drive to the jlo3 firmware.
every now and then when iu try to burn the drive makes noises like the dvd isn;t on the spindle right and the disc sounds like it is be beaton to death.any ideas?or a bad drive?
thanks all
and anyone have problems with this drive?

I have not burnt that many discs yet, but so far mine has been super smooth and quiet, no problems at all.

Hi jukes and welcome to CDFreaks.:slight_smile: Have you checked to make sure the discs are not warped? As Bishop74 said my drive was quite and smooth as well.

never looked.though i have had no problems with the same media from the same spindle.i was thinking the drive may be not quite right.and maybe i should have bought the 4167b.but figured for the same mony get the nesest drive instead of an older generation

I was burning disks half the afternoon today, and mine was still dead quiet on everything, I even threw a mini cd in, which used to make my old liteon go ape, and it was still super quiet.

If it only happened once, maybe it was just a dud disk?, if it happened more than once I’d suspect a dud drive, in which case I’d take it back.

Not sure how you would go getting a 4167B, I ended up with a H10A cause no one has any 4167B stock here, I actually ordered a 4167B and got a H10A sent to me…
I was unsure at first, but so far I’m happy with my drive, it burns fast, and I like how quiet it is, about the only thing I can fault so far is some slightly inconsistent burns, but I’m happy to wait it out for better firmware, and see how it plays out.

Actually, I have one more major gripe, the led drives me nuts, it’s super bright and flashes constantly, I wish it would just stay on or off, it’s super annoying playing a DVD, and it just constantly flashes while playing…

Sometimes what happens is the disc isn’t sitting properly in the tray. When you close the tray, the drive struggles with the disc because it isn’t in the correct position on the tray, before still managing to pick up the disc in the end. During that “struggling” process, awful noises can result - as if the disc is jammed in the slot. After the drive picks up the disc, the drive can become quiet again.

That accounts for the occasional din from the drive. Of course, if you get it everytime, it’s something else causing the problem.