Problems with GSA-H10A

Alright so I’v had the LG GSA-H10A for not that long (not even a full year yet) and for about a month now it’s been pretty much useless. It can barely read any dvd I put in it, and the ones that it does read it plays choppy. Burning anything around 4gb takes around 2 hours, and most of the time I have to keep restarting the computer so that it will recognize the disc as a blank dvd and not a blank cd. It was working prefect when I first got it, and I’v tried everything I could find on google/this site to fix it but nothing is working.

Anyone know what I can do?

Change it to DMA mode. (Use search)

ya, already tried that awhile ago. it stays on PIO mode. I read the the way to fix it is to uninstall the drive, but i also read that you can’t do that if your dvd burner is on the same channel as your hard drive, which mine is.

is this correct or not?

Do you only have the one IDE channel in your PC then?

It’s recommended not to uninstall the IDE channel that your system drive is on, yes. But having said that, I’ve done it myself with no problems.

Whether you want to try it is up to you, but YMMV.

Edit: try this - Reset DMA tool, and see if it helps first. :slight_smile:

Have u tried installing a new 80wire IDE cable?? Also is your present cable not faulty? Try installing your drive on another computer and see how it works.

ok so I went and got another ide cable and now have my hard drive and dvd burner on differnet ide channels. The channel the dvd burner is on is now dma, but everytime i try and put in a disc my whole comp freezes up.

any ideas? could it be the cable?

couldn’t find an edit button, my bad for double posting but It seems i have another problem on my hands.

now whenever i plug in the second ide cable (connected to only my dvd burner set on master) my computer takes over 20 minutes to boot up and crashes when i do simple things like close a window. when i unplug it my computer boots within 5-7 minutes and works properly…except for the fact that i got no dvd burner. if anyone could help me that would be great…not sure if this is the place to post it though…