Problems with gsa-5163D



I’m having problems with my new gsa-5163D external DVD-burner. I have already tried it with 3 different computers using USB 2.0 and similar problems arise with all of them.

Two of the computers have XPs, and nero express that came with the burner. With both of them the burning begins and goes just fine until the lead-in part. That still goes well, but when the actual disk burning beggings it does it for a while but then hangs up so that the whole comp needs to be shut down.

With a computer that has WIN2000 and Nero Enterprise edition all goes well until the the actual burning after lead-in. Again burning goes on for a while, few seconds, and then a SCSI Command Failed message comes and the burning stop and has created another coaster.

Any ideas how to fix things up? I have updated USB drivers already…