Problems with GSA-4081b drive

Hello people.

I bought a new DVD drive, “hl-dt-st DVDRAM GSA-4081b” from LG. It worked fine for a couple of days - I was able to burn video DVDs. Then suddently, it started to display an error message (Im using Nero) that said “burn process failed, focus or tracking error”. It always worked up to like 90% of the burning process then it stopped. When I put the DVD in a DVD player, it seems to work but it “lags” at the end. Also, my drived stop recognising normal CDs, it only recongnised DVDs. I tried 2 different DVD types for burning, always the same error, at different times during the process. I tried to burn data DVDs, and the last files are corrupted. Then, my previously burned and working DVDs didnt work anymore. I reload them several times, restart the PC, but the DVD drive appears as empty. And once ot of eight times or so, the DVD works perfectly and dispalys the files.

I was thinking that its probably hardware troubles, or maybe some dust inside. I tried to blow air in the DVD drive, it seems to have helped one time. Could it be dust, or maybe the PC is shaking too much, or maybe because I have a CD drive loaded also at the same time? Is there any way to clean a DVD drive like opening the case or puttind a special cleaning dvd (??) inside.

Thanks for your help.

What media did you use?

I used DVD-R taiyo Yuden. Anyway, my drive is supposed to accept dvd+/-r.

I used DVD-r taiyo yuden. My drive is supposed to accept +/-R

It did acccept DVD-R. TYG01 perhaps since GSA-4081B supports only 1x, 2x, and 4x DVD-R.

What about your firmware version and other media? Hm, reading again, you said reading CD’s fails as well. Since it’s a new drive just used a few days, unless some software-side cleaning (not cleaning of the lens or something in the hardware) helps, better RMA. Why do you have a new GSA-4081B when there are 4082, 4120, 4160, and 4163? 4081B is too outdated though it doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Should I download a driver from LG site, uninstall NERO?

You should RETURN the drive to the manufacturer or the place of purchase if it is not working within the first year. No drive should give problems like that but it the 4801 is plagued with issues. I’ve had 2 and they never worked past 3 months of usage.

I have the HL-DT-St DVDRAM GST-4082B, am I going to be plagued with a failing DVD. I am just getting into burnging DVDs and CDs, mustly so that I do not have to travel with my collection of media from the home to the car to the cottage to the … well you get the picture.

If this DVD is riddled with errors, I could get a replacement, but I would like to know now, before, I get to far into this.