Problems with Godannar

Hey I’m trying to backup my godannar dvd’s. I have this wierd problem happening. I have it setup to verify after it’s done and I set it to clone. After it finishes buring the dvd and doing the finalizing part it says to put the tray back in (it ejects after each part is finished) but the drive stays closed (it’s a laptop dvd burner) and the light is still going and i hear it spinning in the drive (this just keeps going) i have to hit the eject button on the door to make it stop and open then I put the disk back in and on vol 1. windows says it’s a dvd movie and I continue to verify and it verifies fine and then I can play it in a dvd player. on vol 7. it says that it’s a blank cd and it verifies fine but it won’t play and even though windows thinks it’s blank other software states that it has something on it. Hope that wasn’t too confusing. Let me know if anyone knows how to get it to work right and if anyone has a idea for better software for creating a exact duplicate back of Godannar.

Oh i’m only having this problem with these two disks. Other disks backup just fine with dvdfab.

Hi Briareos,

I’m a bit confused by your statement,
"…After it finishes buring the dvd and doing the finalizing part it says to put the tray back in (it ejects after each part is finished) but the drive stays closed…".

So if the disc is ejected, how is it that the tray stays closed?

In[B] Common settings[/B] > [B]Write[/B] >
Click on [B]Do not eject disc when finished burning[/B]
and that should put an end to the eject issue.

You mentioned cd’s, but I think that’s just a typo and you meant dvd’s
Windows (? XP) has no native dvd burning software. What I mean to say is that windows explorer will not “see a dvd”, whether or not there are files on it, (not like a cd which it can deal with). Your pc’s software player will play it just fine and if you use an application like nero or some other dvd burn software, your pc can “see” the dvd just fine.

To answer your question about an exact duplicate, clone mode is best for that particular task.

Sorry, forgot to mention, try not verifying…this process takes forever anyway.

Is disc - vol. 7 finalized ?

Lemme try rephrazing. Ok it gets to the end of the finalizing (after the burn itself) section then normally it ejects the disc. What happens for Godannar is that the click to continue after closing the tray comes up but the tray doesn’t eject and the light is still on and I can hear it still spinning. If I hit the button on the tray it stops the disc and ejects it which allows me to close it again to continue with the verification section. On Godannar one I was able to play it (or at least it starts up never got a chance to actually watch the copy yet) and windows recognizies it as a dvd video disc. on vol 7 windows says it’s a blank disc and it won’t play in a dvd player.

disc 7 finalizes but doesn’t eject the disc it keeps the light on the dvd drive on and I hear it spinning. It does this for far longer then any other disc and dvdfab is asking me to close the tray so it can move on to verify.