Problems with game

Got a question about an xbox game called “Leisure Suit Larry” this morning i was getting some stuff from fry’s for pc and seen the game and said what the hell and bought it… and now at9:15CST i decided to throw in the box and install to HD when i go to play it says “This game must be run from its original disk”

Has anyone run into this problem. what protection is this and how do i tell seeing pc wont read the games right…

this really aint that big a deal cause i can play the original but have never had this problem…wtf :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

I am currently running EvolutionX V+3921 with the xbit chip

Hmm, I have not focused on the problem, sorry. Are you telling that your original game doesn’t work in your Xbox ?

What program did you use to copy the game to the hardrive? You will need an updated acl file for it to work or copy it to disc.

There is a HDD patch for this game.