Problems With Freezing Video

Hi! I’m having a problem with playing the DVD once recorded. It plays perfectly well for about an hour but then just appears to freeze. Eventually it will jerk to a frame further on and so this for about 10 minutes when eventually it will resume playing as normal with no problems at all. There are no scratches on the disc and it does the same on my PC player and home DVD player.
I used 1click and AnyDVD to create the disc which appeared to run perfectly well.

Has anyone got any ideas please?

What for a brand you’ve used?
The disc doesn’t need scratches to make some problems, it could also be bad quality media.

sounds like cheap media

I agree with the media thing…try better quality media, then if that doesn’t help, we can go from there.

Yeah, you are all spot on with the cheap media thing. I was using “bulkPaq” so went out and bought some “Datawrite Platinum” discs. This time it recorded first time and the movie was perfect all the way through. Just goes to show that it is worth spending just a little extra in the first place.