Problems with flashing LTR-24102B




I can't flash my LTR-24102B with 5S59 firmware!
I want to flash it with the new 5S5A frimware.
It says that the firmware is good for 5S50 - 5S6Z.
When I press flash it says remove disc in CD-Drive, but there is no disc, then nothing happens.
And when did 5S6Z come out, it should be newer then 5S5A, because 5S"6Z" is higher then 5S"5A". :confused:

Please help me!

Thanks in advance! :bow:


I had a similar problems when I flashed in WinXP…I can not flash my 24102B in a windowns environment…supposedly the newer flash utility will let you do this…I have not tried since I see no reason to as the drive works great…

try disabling DMA in device manager and reflashing the drive this may help

otherwise you will need mtkflash and a bin file to do the flash in DOS